Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

With the greatest of pleasure, I welcome you to the Western European Zone and to beautiful Morocco, hosts for our much anticipated Board of Directors meeting. So much time has passed since we have been able to fully enjoy the company of our friends and colleagues from across the world, it is my sincere hope that this meeting represents the beginning of a return to a normality which we will never again take for granted, and although this is not the full Congress we all hoped it could be, the opportunity to get together and to once again conduct business face to face should provide us with a renewed purpose and drive to reestablish and strengthen our amazing organization for the future.

President Youssef Mamouni and the amazingly dedicated members of the Moroccan Section are the most generous of hosts. The Pan European Congress of 2018 in Morocco was a fantastic success and proved beyond doubt that this small but committed Section was up to the task of organizing a very enjoyable and beautifully arranged platform for us to meet, complete the business of the day and enjoy the wonderful sights and sounds of Morocco and the incredibly warm and friendly hospitality of our hosts. I can think of no better location and no better people to trust with the important and very significant task of resuming our meeting schedule as we hopefully begin to navigate our way past these most challenging of times.

I hope and pray that with the easing of travel restrictions around the world that all of you will be able to participate and it only remains for me to wish you, our Board of Directors, good health and safe journeys and I look forward to seeing you all in beautiful Morocco.

Warmest Regards
In Friendship,


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