Mark Patterson is a long time friend of Les Clefs d’Or.
He began his career as a bellboy working for the late Arshad Khokhar at Sheraton Copenhagen.
Some might remember him as at keynote speaker and facilitator at the 2008 Congress, where he spoke about the importance of relations and networking.
Ever since, he has visited countless hotels, and always been very curios about the thoughts and ideas of the concierges.
He is known for asking a lot of questions – especially “why” every time he find something interesting.
Hes job description is strategy consultant, working with companies like Maersk, KPMG, SAAB and chairman of the CEO-organisation 360.
What to expect
We are all working very hard on the educational day. It will definitely be an interactive workshop – emphasizing the term “work”.
All delegates will be engaged and focussing on how to prepare the role of the concierge in a rapid changing world

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