My dear friends,

You are witnessing the moment when a dream come true nearly after twenty years. We are happy to be able to hold a congress in Istanbul, which we have dreamed of since the first Athens congress we attended in 2002.

I am grateful to all my friends who have contributed to the realization of this dream since the first day.

Why did we want to hold this congress in Istanbul so much?

Apart from our friends who had the chance to visit Istanbul before, our friends who never had the chance to come but were excited to come with great curiosity after what they heard from those who have been, our biggest supporters in this process. İstanbul is a very unique city which is rich in arts, culture, cuisine, landmarks, breath-taking views and vibrant nightlife.

Of course, we, who were born and grew up here, who love this mysterious and beautiful city very much, wanted to share these beauties with our friends. We have never doubted that you will encounter an Istanbul that will impress you with its historical and cultural riches, delicious food and natural beauties. We could not deprive you of these beauties.

2023 also has a great meaning for us. As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the young Turkish Republic, we will be experiencing the excitement of the 20th anniversary of the young Les Clefs d’Or Turkey.

From now on, we will be eagerly awaiting our meeting day as we continue our work at full speed to welcome you in this magnificent city in the best way possible and make these days memorable.

I wish you all to stay healthy until we meet here, and I hug you all with my heart and love.

In friendship,

Adnan ÖNER
Head Concierge / Swissotel The Bosphorus, İstanbul
President / Les Clefs d’Or Turkey
Mediteranean Zone Director / Les Clefs d’Or International